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Classic Marine

Whether you are planning to have a new air conditioning system installed, retrofit an existing system, or looking for expert maintenance and repair, Classic Marine has you covered.

Because most marine air conditioning systems run around the clock, continuously drawing in raw water, ongoing maintenance is critical to ensure optimum performance. It is especially important to be vigilant during summer months when marine growth is most active. Strainers should be checked every few weeks and return air filters should be inspected monthly.

If at any time, your system fails to cool properly, you could be dealing with a coolant leak or an electrical or mechanical issue. One call to Classic Marine and we will analyze the issue quickly and have you cooling down in no time.

A comprehensive annual maintenance should be performed once a year to ensure that there are no crucial issues and your system is operating properly.

Classic Marine
Classic Marine

Our annual maintenance service includes

  • Thorough inspection of system.
  • Cleaning, replacing filters and sea strainers.
  • Checking system charge.
  • Clearing drain lines.
  • Checking electrical draws.
  • Replacing or renewing air-purification products.